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Segaduanca (Puerto Cabello)
ID: 60044
Global Affinity Alliance Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program
The following offices of this member are enrolled:
United States of America  [Miami, FL]
Venezuela  [Barcelona]  [Caracas]  [Guamache]  [Guanta]
  [La Guaira]  [Maracaibo]  [Puerto Cabello]  [Punto Fijo]
  [Punto Fijo]  [Valencia]
* Only these offices are covered and protected under this program.

Members should ensure that they are dealing with an office that is enrolled in a Global Affinity Alliance. offices that are NOT enrolled are NOT protected under the Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan
Proudly Enrolled Since: Sep 06, 2016
Membership Expires: Sep 05, 2022

Segaduanca Asesores Aduaneros C.A. was founded in 1990. We are certified Customs brokerage, and NVOCC.

Serving the following ports in Venezuela: La Guaira-Puerto Cabello-Guanta-Guamache-Guaranao, Valencia, Maracaibo, Puerto Ordaz, Palua,Caracas, Barcelona, Las Piedras (Punto Fijo), Guaranao (Punto Fijo) and Valencia. We can also serve the following airports via our WCA registered offices:

*Aeropuerto Internacional de Valencia (VLN)

**El Aeropuerto Internacional Josefa Camejo - Punto Fijo Las Piedras (LSP)

***Aeropuerto Internacional General Jose Antonio Anzoategui (BLA)

****Guaranao (Punto Fijo - Falcon)

Voted WCA - Inter Global Group as The Best Partner of Latin American Region 2011!


Colinas de Bello Monte,
Calle: Tocuyo, Quinta: Natalia
Caracas - Venezuela

Telephone: +58.212.753.3510 / +58.212.753.2432 / +58.127.753.4081 / +58.127.751.8761 / +58.127.751.4464
Fax: +58.212.7537708 / +58.212.753.4845
Mobile Phone: +58.412.2422462
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Name:Mr. Alberto Chacin
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