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Send an email requesting a rate when an agent is unable to find a competitive rate in our system.
Submit AFR (Advanced Filing Rules) as required by Japan Customs for all containerized shipments to Japan.
Issue AWS house bill of lading.
Look-up existing AWS ocean rates by carrier, origin, destination, POL or POD.
Submit sell rate to be filed in the AWS Tariff as mandated by the FMC for all U.S. shipments.
Review or download the AWS service contracts with major ocean carriers confirming rates, terms and conditions.
Submit AMS (Automated Manifest System) as required by U.S. Customs for all shipment to the U.S.
With 3094 agent offices in 160 countries, All World Shipping Corp. is the largest agency group in the world. AWS agents are independently owned local or regional freight forwarding companies employing local staff who are sensitive to shippers needs and requirements.

All World Shipping provides our agents with a globally accepted online HBL, rates and other services for FCL and LCL ocean shipments utilizing industry leading ocean carriers. We are a FMC licensed NVOCC headquartered in the U.S. with six regional support offices around the world. AWS is closely associated with, but independent of WCA, Lognet Global, GAA, IFC8 and EGLN.
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