File Name Download
China NVOCC license Download
AWS AFR & JAPAN User manual Download
Adding NRA number when creating the HBL User manual Download
AWS HBL User manual(update March 2022) Download
AWS AMS U.S. User manual (update March 2022) Download
NRA Manual (March 2022) Download
Tariff Title Page (May 2023) Download
Tariff Title Page (expired) Download
Tariff Rules Page (May 2023) Download
Tariff Rules Page (expired) Download
Evidence of Coverage (2023) Download
AWS FSL Insurance Policy (October 2022) Download
Tax Residency Certificate (2023) Download
Florida Dept. of State (Jan 2023) Download
AWS OTI License Download
China MOT NVOCC License Download
AWS FMC NVOCC Bond Download
SCAC Renewal Certification (June 2022) Download
Procedures Download
AMS FAQ Download
AMS Disposition Codes Download
AWS Logos Download
AWS Color Letterhead Download

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