Negotiated Rate Agreement (NRA) MANAGEMENT

We have now transitioned to a new NRA Management System. Please click on the following link and complete the form and click Submit new. After that, you will receive a NRA confirmation in .pdf file. You must offer the NRA detail in .pdf file to your customer and make sure your customer accepts that NRA and confirm back to you by email. The NRA must be completed for all shipments involving USA Exports and USA Imports.

All NRA must be submitted and agreed to by both your customer and you (as an agent of AWS), prior to receipt of cargo.

  • Open NRA Management Template

    Definition of Fields within the Template

    Field Name


    Field Name


    Ocean Carrier

    Actual Ocean Carrier

    NRA Booking Number

    All applicable Booking Number

    Agent Name

    Your company name

    Agent email

    Your email address

    Shipper Name

    Your customer company name

    Shipper Contact Person

    Your Customer Contact Person name

    Commodity Description

    Full cargo Description

    This commodity group is:

    Select Non-Hazardous or Hazardous

    CTNR Mode

    Select FCL or LCL

    Equipment Type

    Equipment size & type

    Move Type

    Port-Port, Door to Door etc


    City/ State/ Country of cargo Origin


    Destination City/ State/ Country of Cargo

    Port of Loading

    Load port of Ocean Carrier

    Port of Discharge

    Port of Discharge of ocean carrier

    Effective Date

    Date you want effective in Tariff

    Expire Date

    Date you want Rate to expire

    Rate in USD

    Must be all inclusive rate

    Items with * are Mandatory.
    Please note that the cost for NRA'S will not change and remains at USD 15 per NRA.