1. Requirements
    2. Agent's Compensation and Costs
    3. AWS Fees (Please see dropdown AWS Fees in Members section)
    4. AWS HBL Legal Liability Insurance
    5. Application Forms and Contracts
  2. STAFF
  3. RATES
    1. Booking Cargo
    2. SOLAS VGM
    3. Negotiated Rate Agreements (only for shipments to and from the U.S.)
    4. Loading Confirmation
    5. AMS Filing (only for shipments to the U.S.)
    6. AWS HBL
    7. AWS Monthly Invoice
    8. Cargo and HBL Restrictions
    9. Shipping Documents (on shipments to and from the U.S.)
    10. Failure to Comply
A. Requirements

Members of WCA, Lognet Global, GAA, IFC8 and EGLN are pre-qualified to become agents of AWS. All applicants must complete and return the signed forms and agreements specified below in Section E.

B. Agents' Compensation and Costs

Agents are entitled to keep the net revenues derived from their sales and operational efforts on behalf of AWS less payment of AWS service contract rates, shipment insurance, NRA filing fees and an AWS operational fees. AWS operational fees are as follows and will be collected from each AWS agent office on a monthly basis.

C. AWS Fees

(Please Login and see dropdown AWS Fees in Members section)

D. AWS HBL Legal Liability Insurance

Every AWS HBL is covered by legal liability and errors and omissions insurance of USD 1,000,000 including up to USD 50,000 for detention, demurrage and legal expenses associated with abandoned cargo. The insurance deductible is a low USD 2,750 each and every incident giving rise to a claim and is the responsibility of the agent in the event of a claim seattlement.

E. Application Forms and Contracts

All agents must sign the All World Shipping Agency Agreement, AMS Liability Waiver, and Code of Ethics. You can download these forms from Please complete, sign and date these forms and agreements and return to us by scanning and email or by fax. Applicants will not be authorized to act as an AWS agent and will not be provided with user ID and password to access AWS system and be able to issue the electronic on-line AWS bills of lading until all forms and agreements are properly executed, received and approved by All World Shipping. In addition, all applicants who are not members of the WCA, Lognet Global, GAA, IFC8 and EGLN must complete the Agency Application Form (
All World Shipping Corp's senior management is based at AWS' world headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida US. In additional, AWS has branches office in Bangkok, Shanghai, Amsterdam and Mumbai to co-ordinate with our agents in each region.

With Regional Coordinators in key locations, AWS aims to assist all AWS agents. However, please understand and respect that the AWS offices, while always ready, willing, and able to help solve agents' problems, are not intended to replace the agents' traffic departments or act in any other capacity than provided for in this procedure. See AWS contact directory at the end of this document for telephone/fax numbers and addresses of AWS contacts.

AWS has negotiated excellent U.S. import and export FCL rates available to all agents of All World Shipping. AWS rates will be accessible to its agents via our Service Contract Look-up Aid where agents can quickly check the current AWS base rates with each carrier. Our full Service Contracts are posted in the Members section of the AWS website. AWS is also gathering information from its agents to negotiate better rates from other regions.

If the required rate cannot be found, please send an email to with the subject Rate Request and provide all of the critical information such as POL, POD, specific commodity, monthly volume, equipment type, current carrier, current rate, target carrier and target rate. We will endeavor to secure the rate you require.

Please note that All World Shipping agents will be expected to share their particular trade lane advantages, knowledge and rates with other AWS agents thereby improving rate levels for all.

A. Booking Cargo

Contact the respective carrier, identify yourself as an All World Shipping agent and book your shipments directly with the carrier. Inform the carrier that All World Shipping will be the Shipper on the MBL with you as Agent. Reference the appropriate service contract or rate agreement number. A few carriers also require the appropriate booking code (e.g. Maersk).


As an Agent of All World Shipping you will have the task of communicating with the Shipper not only the requirements to comply with SOLAS but also the securing of the VGM (Verified Gross Mass). This occurs because on the MBL All World Shipping will show as the Shipper and yourself as the Agent.

The procedure when using All World Shipping is that the Booking and MBL process happens outside of the AWS On-Line system so that the Agent can easily maintain information regarding the shipment and feed the various other modules within your own Logistics systems.

Given this is current and vital process you will need to adopt additional procedures to secure information at the earliest point while confirming to the Actual Shipper their Liability regarding supplying this information

When contacted by a Shipper to start a shipment you should reaffirm the requirements of SOLAS and send them the attached suggested Spreadsheet to capture the mandated information on a per container basis and return the form to you for your record and then supply the same to any Ocean Carrier or other bodies as requested

One additional thought would be to include the following statement in your Booking confirmation back to the shipper

Merchant acknowledges that it is required to provide verified weights obtained on calibrated, certified equipment of all cargo that is to be tendered to steamship lines. Shipper agrees that Carrier is entitled to rely on the accuracy of such weights and to counter-sign or endorse it as Carrier’s own certified weight to the steamship line carrying the cargo. The Merchant agrees that it shall indemnify and hold the Carrier harmless from any and all claims, losses, penalties or other costs resulting from any incorrect or questionable verification of the weight provided by Merchant or its agent or contractor on which the Carrier relies.

We intend to also modify our on-line procedures to include this information and also reference the same in the Terms and Conditions on the Back of the HBL

How can the gross mass be verified?

The SOLAS regulation allows for two methods to verify the gross mass (VGM) of packed containers:

Method 1. Weighing the packed container using calibrated and certified equipment; or
Method 2: Weighing all packages and cargo items, including the mass of pallets, dunnage and other securing material to be packed in the container and adding the tare mass of the container to the sum of the single masses, using a certified method approved by the competent authority of the State in which packing of the container was completed.
Method 2 will not be practical for shippers of bulk commodities like iron ore, grain, etc.,

For more information about VGM Suggested Process and Template Click here

C. Negotiated Rate Agreements (only for shipments to and from the U.S.)

If the shipment is USA export or if you are importing into the USA, you must file your sell rates in our NRA filing system. Your sell rate needs to include all charges and be filed as a lump sum. The sell rate must be filed even if it is the same as the "buy" rate. Please note that it is imperative to properly and accurately declare the commodity being shipped as otherwise the FMC may impose severe penalties. Please ensure that the NRA be completed prior to your cargo being delivered to the pier, delivered to the rail ramp, or picked up at origin on door moves. Also in order for the NRA to be complete and compliant with FMC regulations you must go back into our system and enter any and all booking or booking numbers that correspond to your NRA. Each agent will be billed for NRA filing fees at $15.00 per NRA. For NRA filing format & instructions, please access at NRA Filings page and select Create New NRA button.

D. Loading Confirmation

Agents are responsible to work with the carriers and confirm cargo has been loaded onto vessel and send the appropriate pre-alert information to the destination agent. Should there be any changes to the vessel name or departure date all documents need to be amended accordingly and the destination agent notified. Always, identify yourself as an All World Shipping agent so the carrier will know AWS is their shipper.

E. AMS Filing (only for shipments to the U.S.)

For shipments to the USA, agents are responsible for submitting their manifests through AMS as per the U.S. Customs regulations by using AWS (AMS - HBL System). All AMS submission must be done 24 hours prior to vessel departure at the port of load. At the same time you must provide the destination agent with the proper information to complete the ISF 10+2 filing on behalf of the import consignee. Please email AWS Admin to apply to update your User ID / Password for AMS access. Each agent will be billed for AMS Transmission fees at USD 19.50 per transmission. A reduced AMS filing fee is available for agents who elect to post a refundable deposit.


Agents are responsible for submitting the necessary export paperwork to the ocean carrier to obtain the Master OBL.

When an agent issues the AWS HBL in conjunction with a shipment, All World Shipping MUST be shown on the ocean carrier’s MBL in either the Shipper or the Consignee box. The most common procedure is to show the following on the MBL:

(Your company name) As Agent for:
All World Shipping Corp
Followed by Your Address.


(Your company name) On Behalf of
All World Shipping Corp
Followed by Your Address.

Showing All World Shipping on the MBL is essential to link it to the AWS HBL.

When you utilize the HBL in a USA Trade you MUST ensure that you have completed the other required functions: on all U.S. shipments you must file a FMC sell rate in the AWS NRA and on all inbound shipments to the U.S. you must complete the AMS filing to U.S. Customs prior to completing the HBL via our on-line system.

The AWS HBL should be issued prior to the vessel sailing but MUST be issued within seven days of vessel sailing. Failure to issue the AWS HBL within this time frame will subject the agent to a late filing fee of USD 50.00 per HBL in addition to the standard HBL fee.

Regardless of the origin or destination of the shipment, if the Master OBL shows All World Shipping as the Shipper or the Consignee, the AWS Agent MUST issue the online AWS HBL. No manual AWS HBL’s may be utilized under any circumstances. Only HBL’s generated in the AWS On-line system and supplied directly to the Shipper or Consignee are allowed. There are absolutely no exceptions to this. Any agent failing to adhere to this policy will be subject to the penalties outlined and be subject to having their membership terminated.

When you issue Seaway Bill (Express Release) or Surrender Bill (Telex – Email Release), AWS would require the signed and returned Letter of Indemnification (LOI) detailing the request for a Seaway B/L and releasing All World Shipping from liability during the delivery process. Failure to do so will void Liability and AWS will not be responsible for any consequences that should arise as a result. Please contact AWS team for LOI form.

G. AWS Monthly Invoice

AWS invoices our agents on a monthly basis our fees for issuing our on-line HBL, filing NRA rates and AMS filing. We suggest that each agent keep funds deposited at AWS.

H. Cargo and HBL Restrictions

The AWS HBL may only be used for shipments of LCL and FCL ISO containerized cargo. The AWS HBL may not be used for “switch” or triangle shipments

Our HBL may be not used for Personal Effects / Household Goods unless you have prior written approval from AWS. To secure that approval requires that a professional moving company is engaged to move the effects and load the container.

In addition, the AWS HBL may not be used for shipments of bullion and precious metals; bank notes, coins, checks or credit cards; bonds or other financial instruments; jewelry or works of art, antiques or precious stones; live animals; military goods; cellular or mobile telephones; plastic or rubber scrap.

I. Shipping Documents (on shipments to and from the U.S.)

The Federal Maritime Commissions mandates that OTIs must include their names and license or registration numbers on all shipping documents and communications (including written, printed and electronic communications), and require their agents to include the OTI principal’s name, license or registration number on all shipping documents issued on behalf of the OTI. An entity that issues shipping documents in its own name is presumed to be operating in its own name and not on behalf of a licensed or registered OTI.

All World Shipping and our OTI information must be included on all shipping documents per the example below:

"Freight and other charges included on the invoice are in accordance with All World Shipping HBL AWSLxxxxxx. All World Shipping is a licensed NVOCC with the Federal Maritime Commission as per OTI License 17745N. More information regarding All World Shipping can be found at"

J. Failure to Comply

Agents who fail to comply with NRA, AMS or SED filing or issuing the on-line HBL as specified in the procedures outlined above will be subject to legal action and termination of agency privileges.

Every agent of All World Shipping is required to sign the Standard Code of Ethics and fax the same to your nearest AWS Regional office. All agents are required to follow the code of ethics to ensure that All World Shipping Corp. is not jeopardized due to a single agent's non compliance.
All World Shipping Agent can get the best possible insurance cover at super-low premiums with the competitive advantages offered by WCA Risk Management. For more information, please visit or you can contact
AWS agents are responsible to pay all carriers directly and in a timely fashion, respecting the credit terms negotiated by All World Shipping Corp. (typically 15 days or as per local norms). Individual agents will not be permitted to jeopardize AWS credit. Agents exceeding credit terms will be immediately notified by AWS and must make payment via overnight courier by the next business morning. Failure to do so will result in agents suspension until agent posts sufficient funds to AWS to cover its shipping activities.
VIII. AWS CONTACTS: Your key contacts at AWS are as follows;

North America office:



210 N University Drive, Suite 700
Coral Springs, FL 33071, USA
Phone:   +1 954 449 4009
Fax:       +1 954 697 0167


Mobile Phone:


Mr. Bryce Barnhart
Vice President

+1 702-378-6309

Mobile Phone:

Ms. Luisa Negri
Operations Coordinator
+1 954-579-2265

Amsterdam Netherland office:


Strawinskylaan 1065
World Trade Center - Tower D - Level 10
1077 XX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-20-3338370
Fax:    +31-20-3338375




Ms. Monica Tappi
Director of Membership Development

Shanghai China office:


Room503, Building B, Guangqi Cultural Plaza,
No.2899A Xietu Road, Xuhui District
Shanghai, 200030, China
Phone: +86 21 6487 9050
Fax: +86 21 6487 9071




Ms. Dominic W.
General Manager

India Sub Continent office:

Address: Office Unit No. 202 , Second Floor, Kailas Corporate Lounge,
Godrej Hiranandani Link Road,Vikhroli (West),
Mumbai – 400 079
#+91-22-25189581 to 85
Cell Phone # - 9867572007




Ms. Rita
General Manager

Bangkok Thailand office:


29 Bangkok Business Centre 21st Floor
Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Ekamai)
Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Phone: +66 2 726 9060 up to 9
Fax: +66 2 726 9070




Mr. Ken Yokeum
Managing Director  


Ms. Tipwipa (Tip)
Asia Regional Coordinator  

Africa office:


Oxford Street,
behind Woodin, #29, Osu RE
Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 241 642 272




Mr. Charles
General Manager – Africa