Cargomind (Austria) GmbH (Vienna, Head Office)
ID: 48507
WCA Gold Medallion Financial Protection Program
The following offices of this member are enrolled:
Austria [Vienna]
* Only these offices are covered and protected under this program.

Members should ensure that they are dealing with an office that is enrolled in a WCA network offices that are NOT enrolled are NOT protected under the Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan

Cargomind occupies an Office Building of 3000 square meters and Warehouse of 17.000 square meters at the Container Terminal in 1020 Vienna. The warehouse has 40 loading docks and is secured with CCTV and access control. The distance to Vienna Airport is only 10 kilometers.

All forwarding activities - except the airfreight operations - are located here.

Our Ocean Freight experts provide FCL and LCL services, pre carriage and on-carriage to/from Mediterranean Ports (Koper, Triest) and to/from North Sea Ports (Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and Antwerp).

We manage our own National Distribution Network and provide last mile services with our own trucks. We specialize in high tech equipment, high value goods and two men deliveries.

We offer Third Party Logistics Services and use a state of the art WMS to our clients. Our warehouse is TAPA certified.

Our Road Freight International Department offers FTL and LTL services to all neighboring countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

  Address Info:
Address: Freudenauer Hafenstrasse 20,
1020 Vienna, Austria

Telephone: +43.1.727.00
Fax: +43.1.727.00.90
Emergency Call: +43.664.213.0213 (Paul Glaser);
  Office Contacts:
Name:Mr. Paul Glaser
Title Managing Director
+43.1.727.00.17 +43.1.727.00.17
+43.664.213.0213 +43.664.213.0213
Name:Mr. Roman Balog
Title Country Head of Oceanfreight
+43.1.727.00.41 +43.1.727.00.41
+43.664.611.9122 +43.664.611.9122
Name:Ocean Freight Pricing
+43.1.727.00.43 +43.1.727.00.43
+43.664.857.6333 +43.664.857.6333
Name:Mr. Bernhard Huber
Title Manager Warehouse and Distribution
+43.1.727.00.21 +43.1.727.00.21
+43.664.611.9123 +43.664.611.9123
Name:Warehouse Operations
+43.1.727.00.31 +43.1.727.00.31
+43.664.967.0794 +43.664.967.0794
Name:High Tech Distribution
+43.1.727.00.21 +43.1.727.00.21
+43.664.611.9123 +43.664.611.9123
Name:Mr. Ermin Mujic
Title Manager Road Transport International
+43.1.727.00.51 +43.1.727.00.51
+43.664.412.4418 +43.664.412.4418
Name:Road Freight International
+43.1.727.00.50 +43.1.727.00.50
+43.664.412.4418 +43.664.412.4418
+43.1.707.1010.12 +43.1.707.1010.12
+43.664.611.9120 +43.664.611.9120